Longview High School Class of 62


45 years after our Graduation

The LHS Class of '62 has had several planned events over the past year to celebrate the  45th anniversary of our graduation.  We have been able to see each other at our  planning meetings, the fish fry, golf tourneys, warm up parties, dinners, and two fantastic reunion celebrations.  Talk about fun; we know how to have it and we do it up right.  To date, we have had 54 (count 'em below) of our "Sots of 62" classmates attend one or more of these planned events.   At some of the events, we even got to see many of our friends from other graduating classes as well.  To relive some of the fun we have had over the year, scroll down and  look at the pictures we have taken.  It is a real trip down memory lane and you don't even have to walk.

   November '06 Planning Meeting

   February ' 07 Planning Meeting

   May  '07 Reunion at Tommy and Linda's

   Robert Sullivan Weekend Classic

   October '07 Reunion

Here is the list of those who have attended the above events:

Charles Akin

David Awalt

Tommy Barrow

Ronnie Bardwell

Sally Bivins (Thurtell)

Randy Bowen

Arlin Braun

Edna Brown (Hudgens)

Bobby Byrd

Jerry "Hawk" Clement

Charles Cobb

Beaver Cole

Rick Compton

Mary Crawford ( Courson)

Jamie Dyess (Connors)

Margaret Fanning (Musselwhite)

Marjorie Fanning (Musselman)

Judy Finklea (Oliver)

Judy Finnell (Hyden)

Tommy Fuller

John Garrett

Sandra Godwin (Coley)

Vance Gray

Freddy Harmon

Fredna Howard (Stuckey)

Nicky Jennings

Tommy Kulig

Sharon Lambert (Crain)

Carolyn Lasiter (King)

Sherry Laws (Johnston)

Ann London (Moore)

Dennis Maier

Danny Malone

Judy Mayfield (Perkins)

George McGrede

Ruth McLeod (Karimadis)

Sarah Minor (Smith)

Joel Moser

Lynda Murray (Clement)

Robert Myers

Dianne Nutt (Bower)

Nancy Paris (Pederson)

Barry Post

Danny Selman

Jimmy Shillings

Kenneth Smith

Nolan "Bubba" Smith

Ronny Still

Jimmy Tramel

Mack Williams

Sharon Williams (Seaton)

Suzanne Williams (Gregston)

Diane Wilson (Malone)

Norma Woodall (McAfee)